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World Congress fo Existential Therapy 2015 Update.

Dear recipient
We are just over one year away from the historic first World Congress for Existential Therapy. We hope that you will be able to print and circulate this newsletter to your colleagues and students. 
Do not miss this pivotal moment in the history of Existential Psychotherapy: leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world will be visiting London to debate, teach and learn from each other’s perspectives. This is a truly global event, the beginning of a new international dialogue between local innovators, united by a determination to put an understanding of Being at the heart of their therapeutic work. The congress will host 3 days of inspiring key note speakers, debates, workshops and seminars allowing you to meet and debate experienced theorists and pioneers. Join the discussion and participate in Existential Therapy’s future.

Four days of events have been organised to encourage dialogue and the forging of new global partnerships.

Day 1. Registration, pre-congress workshops from the world's leading Existential practitioners, official opening with a talk from Irvin Yalom via video link.

Day 2. Emmy van Deurzen's keynote speech on "Existential Freedom", roundtable discussion on "Trauma, Crisis and Uncertainty”. Speakers: Dr. Alice Holzey-Kunz, Dr. Robert Stolorow, Prof Mick Cooper. Chair: Dr. Evgenia Georganda. This is followed by an afternoon of workshops curated by the Honorary Scientific Committee.

Day 3. Kirk Schneider's keynote speech on "Human Responsibility and the Polarized Mind", roundtable discussion on "Cultural, Political and Spiritual Challenges" featuring Prof Rimantas Kociunas, Dr. Susana Signorelli, Dr. Xuefu Wang, Chair: Dr. Louis Hoffman. Further workshops, seminars and symposia will take place throughout the afternoon.   

Day 4. The final day will begin with Alfried Laengle's keynote speech on the topic of "Existential Therapy and the Meaning of Being." This will be followed by a roundtable discussion on the subject of "Time, Death and Development through the Life-Span" involving Dr. Betty Cannon, Dr. Dmitry Leontiev, Dr. Erik Craig  Chair: Prof Digby Tantam. Workshops, presentations and learning opportunities continue through the afternoon. 

The delegates will meet daily to process what they have discovered as well as take advantage of opportunities to socialise and network over lunch.
We are continuing to build an engrossing programme of conference workshops which will be announced on our website: http://www.existentialpsychotherapy.net/
Practitioners and students can also submit proposals for workshops and seminars to take place at the Congress in the afternoon sessions through the website. 

In order to make this event as inclusive as possible we have just released 160 early-bird tickets (100 full tickets and 60 day tickets discounted by 14%) available until the 14th May 2014. They are now available for you to book here. We are also arranging a hospitality exchange where you can stay with London-based colleagues in order to help with accommodation costs. 

We hope to see you all for this memorable event.

Best wishes 

The World Congress for Existential Therapy Committee

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